April 2011 Archives
  • 'Movie Director Asks Downloaders Not to Steal His Movie' @webpronews http://bzz.co.cc/hi0vJC #
  • 'Another Filmmaker, Another Tired Litany of Excuses from the Pirate Bay Crowd' Copyright Alliance http://bzz.co.cc/dJsXWA #
  • Yeah, I know, click on the black spanner thing. Basics> Search>Manage search engines. How on earth do you add search engines to the default? #
  • Amazed that I cant set Goog as my default search in Chrome vs.Bing? Tried it dint like it, but impossible to go back? Astonished. Any tips? #
  • UK. 'Record Store Day breaks sales records' @CMU http://bzz.co.cc/hSH3PE People DO still want to buy music. #
  • Oh, and 'Let Me In' actress Chloe Moretz was also Hit-Girl in 'Kick-Ass'. Major major kudos. What were you doing at 14 years old? #
  • Watched the US remake of creepy Swede Vamp flick 'Let The Right One In' last night. As dark and haunting as the orig! Brill #