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The Buzzsonic Guide to Digital Music Distribution

The Buzzsonic Music Industry Resources Pinboard

I’ve been publishing resources to Pinterest for quite a while now and have found that everything I post has a much longer shelf life in comparison to Facebook and Twitter. Where a link I post to Twitter disappears into the feed flood within minutes, never to be seen again and a Facebook post is hardly […]

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Buzzsonic Eclectric Spotify Playlist

  Check out the latest Buzzsonic playlist on Spotify, ‘Eclectrica Vol:1’ a mixture of things I’ve come across recently, mainly via the many brilliant music supervisors of TV I’ve been watching of late (thanks Netflix and Now TV!) including Narcos, Euphoria, Killing Eve and Russian Doll, amongst others!

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The Best Music Biz Book You’ve Never Heard Of

I recently ended up down an Internet rabbit hole and ended up stumbling onto this KLF discussion on the cult book ‘The Manual (How To Have a Number One – The Easy Way)‘. * “Every Number One song ever written is only made up from bits from other songs. There is no lost chord. No […]

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