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Forget scouring the web for random music industry links. Buzzsonic is your secret weapon, a curated arsenal of growth hacks, tech tools, and even vinyl pressers. From recording your first demo to pressing your own records, we have everything you need to turn your passion into a powerhouse.

Started in 2021 during lockdown and the COVID pandemic by the 99th Floor Elevators, Buzzsonic now has over 4000 music makers and shakers visit us each month from all around the world, finding the tools to take their sound from DIY dreams to chart-topping reality.

Whether you’re a DJ spinning killer sets, a band crafting your next masterpiece, a label scouting new talent or a manager leading the charge – Buzzsonic aims to be your one-stop shop. We cater to all corners of the music industry, with a special shoutout to our electronic dance music fam.

We’re music geeks at heart, so our directory is constantly updated with fresh finds and industry insights. It’s your shortcut to navigating the ever-changing music landscape.

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Buzzsonic is a curated directory of 1000+ music industry marketing hacks, ai tools, apps, tech tools & DIY music industry resources across 44 categories.

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