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Beyond Email With Gmail Hacks

It wasn’t that long ago that you had to make do with a paltry 2mb (Hotmail) or 4mb (Yahoo) email storage. Google came along and moved the goalposts with GMail and an account rippling with 1GB of space (now up to 2gb and climbing). Going back to use my old Hotmail account recently I was told I had to sign up again as I hadn’t used the account for longer than 30 days. I didn’t bother. There’s no flashing banner adds at GMail either.

Enterprising Software Hackers have extended the usability of Gmail to online storage

I dont care for every Google development though. The ‘Web Clips’ RSS feed at the top of my Gmail account is pretty much redundant for me as is the ‘web accelerator’ introduced recently . What with the Google Toolbar, GMail notifier, Picasa 2 and Google’s desktop search tool the search giant are getting enough stats from me.

Of much more use to me is the tiny 125k freeware app from Dane, Bjarke Viksoe. The GMail Drive shell extension is a little Windows app that lets you access your Gmail account’s 2 Gigs in Windows Explorer, as if it were just another hard drive on your computer. You can drag and drop big or small files to your Gmail drive, and access them from any computer connected to the web via the Gmail email interface.

Somebody else has already produced a ‘Pocket GMail’ app for PDA owners based on the open source libgmailer formatted to fit on Pocket PCs. There’s even a version that enables users to check their accounts using a WAP enabled phone.

Download GMail Drive Shell Extension

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