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The Buzzsonic Music Industry Resources Pinboard

I’ve been publishing resources to Pinterest for quite a while now and have found that everything I post has a much longer shelf life in comparison to Facebook and Twitter.

Where a link I post to Twitter disappears into the feed flood within minutes, never to be seen again and a Facebook post is hardly seen by a soul (unless you pay), Pinterest posts continue to get shared months later, so don’t underestimate the power of the Pin!

The Buzzsonic Music Industry Resources board has over 700 very useful resources that are worth a bookmark or two.

Music Industry Infographics @Pinterest

Its been a while since a new social network has really connected with me but Pinterest is it. Like all the best ideas its a simple one, bookmarks with visuals basically, almost like a cross between Delicious and Flickr if you like. There does seem to be some controversy over copyright right now, but that aside its a great viral medium and is catching on quick. You can post images, or links to images as you please or you can be more organised and categorise your images into specific ‘Pinboards’.

Buzzsonic have a music industry pinboard on Pinterest

Right now I’m beavering away collecting all the music industry infographics and visuals I can, old and new and its proving to be very popular as more people cotton on to what has quickly become the third most visited social platform around.

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