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Cassette manufacturers, services and resources for the revived format

Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing

Eco friendly vinyl pressing plant based in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.… 

  • 991
  • 34


The world’s first crowdfunding platform for the cassette industry. Upload… 

  • 876
  • 37


Specialist small run CD duplication, vinyl CDs, mini-disc and cassette tape… 

  • 776
  • 38
Tapeline cassette duplication

Tapeline Cassette Duplication

Tapeline was originally formed in 1985 as a small audio tape copying service… 

  • 689
  • 25
tabs out cassette culture podcast

Tabs Out Cassette Podcast

All cassette podcast focusing on noise, weird, outsider music ,experimental… 

  • 628
  • 31
Audio Cassette Tape Duplication Leicester The Audio Tape People

The Audio Tape People

One of the few remaining companies in the UK to offer a comprehensive audio… 

  • 600
  • 34
T A P E MUZIK - Shop - Custom-Made Cassette Tapes and Accessories

T.A.P.E. Muzik

T.A.P.E. Muzik has been manufacturing audio cassettes and accessories in small… 

  • 574
  • 20
cassette store day uk

Cassette Store Day

The first Cassette Store Day took place on 7 September 2013 and featured more… 

  • 484
  • 17
reddit cassette culture subreddit

Cassette Culture SubReddit

A subreddit dedicated to the humble cassette. Before the rise of the internet,… 

  • 441
  • 36
tapeduub cassette tape duplication

Tapedub Cassette Duplication

German based Tapedub is an audio cassette duplication lab for small runs of… 

  • 372
  • 51
NAC cassette duplication USA

National Audio Company

National Audio is the largest manufacturer of professional quality audio… 

  • 368
  • 28

Retro Style Media

Retro Media specialise in the supply of the more unusual and unique CD, DVD,… 

  • 330
  • 0


We produce cassette tapes with duplication and printing services for record… 

  • 290
  • 0

KTS Productions 8-track Tape Duplication

Manufacturing 8-track tapes in the 21st century. We are a sustainable business… 

  • 222
  • 1

8Merch Audio Cassette Duplication

We make analogue tapes, wound to length and in multiple packaging options.… 

  • 219
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