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Live music venue and touring resources

UK Music

UK Music is an industry-funded body established in October 2008 to represent… 

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UK Small Music Venue Index

Directory index of 300+ small UK music venues split into regions. The index… 

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Seeqnc Live Music Tracking

The world’s first platform to track your music live. Seeqnc live music… 

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songkick tourbox

Songkick Tourbox

The number one tour date tool for over 100,000 artists. Songkick’s web and… 

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Yellow Duck

With Yellow Duck, you can instantly create a live stream on Instagram from your… 

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green touring guide

Green Touring Guide

A DIY guide (free PDF download) for artists, bookers and players in the music… 

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2020 Guide to Live Streaming DJ Sets

DJ Tech Tools complete how to guide to live streaming DJ sets for 2020. Before… 

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DIY European tour master course

DIY European Tour Course

The DIY Euro touring master course is a step-by-step, proven strategy for… 

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bandsintown for artists

Bandsintown for Artists

Bandsintown For Artists, the largest independent online tour promotion platform… 

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GUTS Tickets

GUTS uses blockchain technology to issue honest tickets that put an end to… 

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Discover new artists performing in your city by listening to 30 seconds of a… 

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Zoom 201 for Musicians

Zoom has become the hot spot for not just business meetings, but also… 

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cherie hu's virtual music events directory

Virtual Music Events Directory

This living document contains three main sections: 1. An introductory foreword… 

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Intro To Music On Twitch

Whether you’re a producer, DJ, singer/songwriter or instrumental performer,… 

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Direct-to-fan touring platform. Start a RoadNation campaign to generate revenue… 

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