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Mobile music apps for both Apple's iOS and Android

TAD Thumbnail Art Design iOS App

TAD – Thumbnail Art Design App

TAD creates sleeve and album cover art in minutes. TAD is an iOS cover art app… 

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FourTrack Recording App

Four track pocket multitrack recording app for Apple iOS. The FourTrack… 

  • 904
spotify for artists

Spotify For Artists

With Spotify for Artists, you can see who’s listening to your music and take… 

  • 861
Independent Record Label Music Distribution Amuse

Amuse Music Distribution

Amuse are a record company that offers free music distribution to independent… 

  • 858

Vezt Digital Marketplace

Vezt provides a digital marketplace for artists and songwriters to share a… 

  • 816
ALYSIA - Create Original Songs in Minutes

Alysia Ai Songwriting App

Artificial intelligence songwriting app for Apple iOS. Alysia is an app that… 

  • 743

Mugo Music

Apple iOS and Android social music app to instantly share your music and… 

  • 743
ForTunes - Music Data Analytics


Music data analytics service for bands, artists and producers. We show you… 

  • 711

Amadeus Code Ai Songwriting Assistant

Amadeus Code is a powerful yet simple melody composing artificial intelligence… 

  • 689
Cre8tor app

Cre8tor App

Cre8tor (formally RecordGram) is an Android and iOS app that offers an… 

  • 685
Vertigo All Access

Vertigo Music All Access

Vertigo enables you and your fans to share life moments with your music legally… 

  • 675
ABOSS - Software for artists agents and managers


A suite of tools for musicians, managers and booking agents. View detailed… 

  • 606

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