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EIN Music Industry Today

Latest worldwide music news for music industry professionals & analysts.… 

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  • 30
music redef daily music newsletter

Music Redef

Daily email newsletter focusing on music, tech, business and culture. REDEF… 

  • 1.1K
  • 12

Platform & Stream

Platform & Stream is a hand-curated newsletter for everything important in… 

  • 994
  • 50

The DIY Musician Newsletter

Weekly newsletter from distributor CD Baby. The DIY Musician Newsletter is one… 

  • 986
  • 43

The Music Network Music Daily

An Australian music industry weekly source of radio airplay charts and… 

  • 869
  • 28

IMS Dance Music Industry Insider

The Dance Music Industry Insider, created by the International Music Summit,… 

  • 838
  • 16

Penny Fractions

Penny Fractions is a weekly newsletter that attempts to contextualize the… 

  • 812
  • 57
water and music podcast with cherie hu

Water & Music

A membership-funded email newsletter, research hub and community forum… 

  • 786
  • 36
weve only just begun directory

The Daily Digest

The Daily Digest is a newsletter curated by Motive Unknown’s MD, Darren… 

  • 723
  • 27
Subscribe to the Synchtank Weekly Music Industry Newsletter

Synchtank Weekly

Get the latest music industry news in your inbox every Tuesday, delivered by… 

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  • 20
Trapital hip hop podcast with dan runcie

Trapital Podcast with Dan Runcie

Level up on the business side of hip-hop. Join Trapital founder Dan Runcie as… 

  • 528
  • 26

The Hip Hop Strategy Playbook

A collection of past Trapital articles on emerging trends in digital strategy,… 

  • 429
  • 0

Music X Newsletter

Music X Corona and Music x Tech x Future are now continuing under the same… 

  • 410
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music startup digest

Music Techstars Startup Digest

Weekly music business and technology newsletter curated by Corey Crossfield and… 

  • 405
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music journalism insider newsletter

Music Journalism Insider

Music Journalism Insider is a weekly newsletter about music journalism. I… 

  • 394
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