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Promote your music to blogs and playlists in a personal and private way. Embed… 

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Music Marketing Checklist

Checklist for marketing a new record, single, EP or album. Put together on a… 

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Fluence - People-Powered Promotions

Fluence DIY PR

DIY PR. Send your music directly to curators, music bloggers and other trusted… 

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Make Your Music Make Money

A 238 page PDF book from Attack Magazine, that shows you how, armed with… 

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soundplate clicks

Soundplate Clicks

Use Soundplate Clicks to easily create intelligent smart links for your music… 

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Ditto Music

Our unlimited distribution service allows you to release all of your music onto… 

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The DIY Musician Newsletter

Weekly newsletter from distributor CD Baby. The DIY Musician Newsletter is one… 

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Free Resources For Musicians - Cyber PR Music

Cyber PR Free Musician Downloads

Series of six free PDF downloads from Cyber PR covering methods on how to… 

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TuneCore Social

Schedule your engagement, connect with fans, and analyze your success from your… 

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Playlist Pump

Playlist Pump is a playlist pitching and playlist promotion service. We work… 

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The Complete Guide to Social Media for Musicians

An optimized social presence can signal your status as a professional. In an… 

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Cyber PR Musician’s Guide to Marketing Plans

Three part series from Cyber PR on how to build a comprehensive music marketing… 

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Music Marketer DNA

26 page Google slides presentation, shared and authored by Amber Horsburgh of… 

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The Social Network For Musicians - Drooble


Receive deep insights from like minded musicians on your just finished or… 

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Phil Taggart s Slacker Guide to the Music Industry Digital Download - Slacker

The Slacker Guide to the Music Industry

BBC Radio 1 DJ, Phil Taggart’s ‘The Slacker Guide to the Music… 

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