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Developed by the team at Synchtank, Soundgizmo is a website and catalogue… 

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TuneCore UK

Send your music to more than 150 digital stores across 200 countries and… 

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The Creative Passport

The Creative Passport is a verified digital ID for music makers that allows you… 

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Royalty Exchange

Royalty Exchange is an online marketplace & auction platform where… 

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As the world’s largest global royalty collection service, Songtrust… 

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Audiam is a digital reproduction collection agency. We work for music… 

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Reprtoir is a CMS and business software solution designed for record companies… 

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Auddly - The Song Data Hub


Auddly is your way to take control of your songs and rights, wherever you are.… 

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iOS and Android app Splits is a must-have for anyone who collaborates on music.… 

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Songtrust s Modern Guide to Music Publishing

The Modern Guide to Music Publishing

Free PDF download from Songtrust, ‘The Modern Guide to Music… 

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Tune registry


TuneRegistry is a music rights administration platform that saves small to… 

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The Ins & Outs of Signing a Record Deal

The almighty record deal, sought after, vilified, ever-evolving, boils down to… 

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how to self publish music

How to Publish Your Own Songs

In this article Soundcharts explore the pros and cons of music self-publishing… 

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cosynd copyright toolkit


If you have created content with a collaborator, you need to have a written… 

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What Is An ISWC?

The International Standard Musical Work Code was implemented to set up a… 

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