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TuneSat’s unique audio recognition technology monitors hundreds of TV… 

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Royalty Exchange

Royalty Exchange is an online marketplace & auction platform where… 

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As the world’s largest global royalty collection service, Songtrust… 

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Audiam is a digital reproduction collection agency. We work for music… 

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stem artist tools

Stem Direct Artist Tools

Stem Direct is right for you if want a personal relationship with your… 

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How to Get All the Royalties You Never Knew Existed Soundfly

How To Get All Your Music Royalties

Free short course from Soundfly. Join DIY music business guru Ari Herstand as… 

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Eddy: Music Royalty Accounting

Eddy is a royalty accounting solution for independent labels and artists.… 

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Estimate Your Streaming Royalties

Songtrust Royalty Calculator

The Songtrust Royalty Calculator analyzes your streams in the US and Canada,… 

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Label Worx - Digital Distribution Promotion Royalty Software more

Label Worx

Label Worx offers a label management system that covers the various aspects of… 

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Scale By Stem

Royalty advances for independent artists and members of Stem Direct. When you… 

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sustainable music career Emily White book

How to Build a Sustainable Music Career

Emily White’s book, ‘How to Build a Sustainable Music Career and… 

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Tune registry


TuneRegistry is a music rights administration platform that saves small to… 

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Paperchain Wallet. An app built for creators, Paperchain is the home for… 

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spotify royalty guide pdf jeff price

The Definitive Guide to Spotify Royalties

50 page PDF written by TuneCore founder Jeff Price. The document explains how… 

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Spotify Royalty Calculator

While Spotify has never revealed an official number, the estimated amount of… 

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