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Music software for Linux, Mac, ChromeOS and Windows

Haulix Promo Media Distribution

Digital watermarked music promo delivery. Haulix is a… 

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FourTrack Recording App

Four track pocket multitrack recording app for Apple iOS.… 

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Developed by the team at Synchtank, Soundgizmo is a… 

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Open Music Initiative

Open Music Initiative

We are creating an open-source protocol for the uniform… 

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AudioLock Music Anti-Piracy Tools

AudioLock provides producers, record labels, artists,… 

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ALYSIA - Create Original Songs in Minutes

Alysia Ai Songwriting App

Artificial intelligence songwriting app for Apple iOS.… 

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Cre8tor app

Cre8tor App

Cre8tor (formally RecordGram) is an Android and iOS app… 

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Amadeus Code Ai Songwriting Assistant

Amadeus Code is a powerful yet simple melody composing… 

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StudioCDN Digital Watermarking

StudioCDN is a cloud-based content protection platform… 

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How To Start A Record Label In A Box

Record Label In A Box

Record Label In A Box has everything you need to set up and… 

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CloudBounce Audio Mastering

CloudBounce is your mastering tool that is available 24/7… 

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Pandora Amp Playbook

Pandora AMP is a suite of marketing products and programs… 

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