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A collection of music industry and music tech and business podcasts and Podcasting resources, tools, tips and music related podcast shows

How to Get Your Podcast on Spotify

Useful step by step guide from The Podcast Host. If you… 

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The Podcast Host Academy

Online Podcasting courses from A to Z. Remove the guesswork… 

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the future of what podcast

The Future of What Podcast

Produced by independent record label Kill Rock Stars. A… 

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The Podcast Host Learn How to Start Run Grow a Successful Podcast

The Podcast Host

A massive and comprehensive guide to podcasting covering… 

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Rick Barker music industry blueprint podcast

The Music Industry Blueprint Podcast

The Music Industry Blueprint Podcast with Rick Barker. Rick… 

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tabs out cassette culture podcast

Tabs Out Cassette Podcast

All cassette podcast focusing on noise, weird, outsider… 

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The Irish Music Industry Podcast

The Irish Music Industry Podcast picks apart the mechanism… 

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apple podcasting best practices

Apple Podcaster

When it comes to marketing your show, think of it as… 

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Spotify for Podcasters

Spotify For Podcasters

You make podcasts. We make it easier for millions of people… 

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Podcast hosting on soundcloud

SoundCloud Podcasting

Get unlimited hosting time, access to millions of listeners… 

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podcast music

Podcast Music

One-Stop music licensing for podcasts. Label and production… 

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bedroom beethovens podcast

Bedroom Beethovens Podcast

Bedroom Beethovens is a weekly podcast that breaks down… 

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