Vinyl Records Manufacturing

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List of worldwide vinyl records pressing plants and brokers and short run lathe cut services.

Microforum Vinyl Record Pressing

Microforum Vinyl Pressings

Vinyl pressing plant in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility based in… 

  • 1.1K
  • 52


UK based, one off custom vinyl records in 7″, 10″ and 12 inch… 

  • 1.1K
  • 57

Dublin Vinyl

Dublin Vinyl is a modern vinyl record pressing plant based in Dublin, Ireland… 

  • 1.1K
  • 41
Precision Record Pressing Vinyl Pressing Without Limits

Precision Record Pressing

Ontario, Canada based pressing plant using state-of-the-art proprietary… 

  • 1K
  • 63

GZ Vinyl

Pressing vinyl records since 1951 GZ Vinyl is based in the Czech Republic and… 

  • 994
  • 29
the vinyl factory hayes middlesex vinyl pressing plant

The Vinyl Factory

The Vinyl Factory is the only major pressing plant in the United Kingdom and… 

  • 956
  • 14

Mastercraft Record Plating

Elizabeth, New Jersey based record plating service. We become involved in the… 

  • 952
  • 5

The Secret Society of Lathe Trolls

A forum devoted to record-cutting deviants, renegades, professionals and… 

  • 919
  • 64
tangible formats custom vinyl cutting

Tangible Formats

Florida based lathe cuts custom vinyl records for anyone in need of small… 

  • 899
  • 24

RPM Records Pressing Plant

Copenhagen, Denmark based vinyl pressing plant using the new Canadian Viryl… 

  • 898
  • 53

Funky Frankenstein

Tennessee based short run custom lathe cut vinyl records. Available in… 

  • 869
  • 38

Bandcamp Vinyl Pressing Service

Launched in April 2019, Bandcamp vinyl pressing service streamlines the… 

  • 849
  • 46

Brooklyn Phono

Brooklyn, New York based vinyl pressing plant. Printing, plating, pressing and… 

  • 844
  • 25


Canadian based short run vinyl cutting service, 1 to 20 units with optional… 

  • 840
  • 34

Kindercore Vinyl

7 inch and 12-inch vinyl record manufacturing in Athens, Georgia USA.… 

  • 819
  • 45

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