Essential Music Industry Websites RSS Feed Collection

People often ask me how I keep in touch with all the music industry news and updates that I post on my hyperactive Buzzsonic Twitter account, the simple answer is using RSS feeds and my Feedly RSS reader (desktop, Android app and iOS).

Weld that together with Pocket (and their various Chrome extensions  and mobile apps) and you have the perfect content curation set up. Not forgetting IFTTT !

The Buzzsonic Music Industry RSS Feed List

I subscribe to way too many feeds TBH, but in answer to a few queries here is my collection of Music Industry websites that I subscribe too. Right click and save as  and you’ll get an OPML file, which to none geeks like me is basically a text format of saving a collection of RSS feeds for import into an RSS feed reader, like Feedly or InoReader.

Download the Buzzsonic Music Industry RSS Feeds (Right click and save as)

To use this stuff grab the Feedly Chrome extension (my weapon of choice). You can sync/sign-in using your Gmail credentials.

Import OPML

When installed go to the Organize link (in the lower left hand column) click and you’ll see an import OPML right at the top there. Import the Buzzsonic OPML and you’ll see the feeds populate the column on the left. Done.


I’ll be posting my other OPML’s in a fuller post in a few days. Let me know how you get on in the  commenting below or via Twitter. Also, do feel free to recommend any feeds or resources you feel I’ve left out, even if they’re your own. Good luck.


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