The Ultimate Guide to Digital Music Distribution, Extra

Phew, well now I’ve actually finished a blog post for the first time in over a year (hey I’ve been too busy over at Twitter) I thought I would ‘weld’ together my three lengthy posts on digital music distribution and put them out there as one lovely PDF!

Now take into account that I haven’t reorganized anything so you’ll be getting them in chronological order from the top. I’m going to post it at Google Docs so feel free to grab. This is just the rough’ beta mix’ as I do intend to tidy it up and reorganise very soon. Feedback please!

Grab it here: The Ultimate Guide to Digital Music Distribution Extra!

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Digital Music Distribution, Extra

  1. buzzsonic

    Thanks for the comments and updates guys. I realized after I posted the PDF that I’d done it in too much of a rush as I wanted to cobble all the info in one place for people ASAP

    Now what I SHOULD have done was to edit it just a little!! SO, am now getting this underway and as well as updating and tidying up the PDF and reposting I’ll be adding a .doc version that people can add to which I think will be a good idea.

    Thanks as always Peter for being the most on the ball guy in the biz!